Tristar Group



The greatest challenge staring in the face of mankind has been to unravel the many secrets of nature that have remained hidden for ages. There are but a few feathers to adorn the hat at that. The primitive man hunted, and evolution caused him to turn to farm. Still further, scientific fervor influenced the advancements in agricultural methods and techniques. And this led to the breakthrough, a peek into nature’s best-kept secret- the Basmati.

We deal in the world-renowned Basmati rice having an aromatic flavor with long and slender grains. The grains are aged for 1-2 years, so the moisture evaporates and the naturally present oil spreads throughout the grain delivering its distinct flavor. Aged basmati rice yields long-grain rice which grows twice in length giving a nice aroma and excellent taste.

We deal in the following types of rice.

  2. PK-1121 Parboiled / Sella
  3. PK-198 OR D-98 BASMATI
  4. PK-386
  5. IRRI-9
  6. IRRI-6