Tristar Group



Getting more done with less

Creating a sustainable operating environment is the mainstay of our existence in this business.
Tristar Group is rooted strongly in this value through our experience in the business of chemicals over the last forty years, and are deeply committed to solving current and future sustainability challenges.

The challenges include reducing emissions, water consumption, and energy, favoring a circular economy – in recycling, and waste management, advocating higher efficacy in the use of essential raw materials or finding substitutes, and ultimately working towards making urban areas to be better placed to live.

We strive harder for a cleaner greener environment

Rainwater harvesting
Water conservation is the need of the hour and rainwater harvesting is one of the best ways towards environmental sustainability. Tristar Group has always been at the forefront of ca leaner and greener environment

Greener Environment
We are well aware of the nature of our business and the vulnerability it can create in the environment we live in, so we use energy efficiently.

Air Contaminants
We are implementing controls and best practices at our facilities to reduce air pollution.

Longevity of products
If there is one thing we have held on to over the last three decades – it is the urge to keep innovating. We are constantly looking at improving the longevity of our products.